I'm a pianist, producer, singer, songwriter and actor, currently working in Los Angeles. I strive to create my own music, but enjoy collaborating just as much with other artists, whether it's co-writing, recording, or touring, helping them develop their gifts to make great art...and perhaps a decent career in music as well!

I've sung in operas with some of the greatest singers of our time.  I've played piano for many successful bands and artists around the US. I've arranged an award-winning jingle, and written music for commercials and films.
I've also lost a few songwriting competitions, been rejected from dozens of auditions, and played in bands that never ended up achieving worldwide success. I've always learned something, and I continue to find new and exciting ways to grow as a person and as an artist. Follow my blog and join me on this crazy adventure!


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A New Year, A New Journey 

The last couple months have been…well, life-changing. Instead of blogging, I sat at my father's bedside as he finished the final chapter of his story. I've been with my family through it all, from his passing, full of sorrow and relief, to his memorial, filled with celebration and support. But now it's 2015, and a year full of opportunities and possibilities lies ahead. I'm the same person I was last year, but at the same time I'm completely changed. The journey of this life teaches us so many things, and… Read more

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"A big nod is in order for Ross Bridgeman...Bridgeman possesses amazing vocals, and he nails his signature number, “On the Street Where You Live.”  
-Nashville Parent Magazine (Click
HERE to check out the full review!)

"...Ross Bridgeman receives deservedly warm applause for his melodious version of "On the Street Where You Live..."
-Nashville Scene (Click
HERE to check out the full review!)