My name is Ross Bridgeman. I am a pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, and actor.  I currently play and write with some incredible artists in Los Angeles, helping them achieve their dreams of a successful career in music. 

I've sung in operas with some of the greatest singers of our time.  I've played piano for many successful bands and artists around the US.  I've arranged an award-winning jingle, and written music for commercials and films.
I've also lost a few songwriting competitions, been rejected from dozens of film, television, and theater auditions, and played piano for years in bands that never ended up achieving real success.  
But there isn't anything I haven't learned from, and I continue to find new and exciting things to grow as a person and as an artist.  I publish a weekly blog about music, songwriting, touring, what I love about life.  



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Acoustic Or Bust: What $250,000 Sounds Like 

An All-American breakfast is great. A big, juicy, grade-A cheeseburger is even better. When you put them together? Total mouth-watering insanity…and it actually exists. One of my favorite burgers in Los Angeles is the Breakfast Burger at Umami, topped with an over-medium egg, beer-cheddar, bacon lardons, smoked-salt onion strings and smashed cheesy tots. So ridiculous...and amazing. You can hardly eat it because of its height, and there's not a chance you won't make a mess. If you've been eating Big Macs… Read more

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"A big nod is in order for Ross Bridgeman...Bridgeman possesses amazing vocals, and he nails his signature number, “On the Street Where You Live.”  
-Nashville Parent Magazine (Click
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"...Ross Bridgeman receives deservedly warm applause for his melodious version of "On the Street Where You Live..."
-Nashville Scene (Click
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